We are a company based in Copenhagen, which has a great passion for nature, its properties and aesthetics. Our mission with Anye Object is to show nature's sculptural forms and expressions, as well as bring them to life through new functionalities. We want to give the opportunity to place nature into new settings and contexts. We value good craftsmanship, which is why all our objects are handmade and have undergone a long process from discovery to functional new object.


We explore nature and select unique objects according to strict criteria. Through our discoveries, travels and adventures, we collect objects, each of which hides a story that makes it very special and unique. Our objects are systematically named and numbered, and you can always see where each object has been collected. We believe this narrative is essential for all natural objects, as it recalls memories and evokes sensory impressions. We aim to show this in the detailed reproductions of the object.


At Anye Object, we are obessed with the unique and aesthetic founds from nature. After a long selection process, handmade castings are produced by hand to create a new functional object. We make prototypes of the new objects and test it according to several parameters. Our objects are thus created from a long process, and with a focus on good craftsmanship.